Alto Ingredients - Company Overview

Alto Ingredients is a leading manufacturer and supplier of essential ingredients such as industrial and beverage alcohols, premium feed and food products, and renewable fuel.

Alto Ingredients manufactures and supplies:

Specialty alcohols

  • USP and FCC certified industrial and beverage grade alcohols used in health and industrial applications, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other consumer products.

Premium feed and food products

  • Alto Yeast, a refined distiller’s yeast used in pet and human food applications. Alto Yeast is produced in an AIB inspected facility and is Kosher and Chametz-free certified.
  • Corn gluten, a high protein meal used in pet food, poultry and aquaculture, and as a high protein additive to cattle feed rations.
  • Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles, a high energy and protein syrup used in cattle feed rations.
  • Corn oil and corn germ, used in feed markets, biodiesel production, and for refinement into oils used in human food.
  • Distillers grains, a protein and energy feed used as animal feed and shipped to domestic and foreign markets.

Low carbon renewable fuels

  • Renewable Fuel produced from corn is a low carbon fuel and a major contributor to a sustainable energy economy. Fuel ethanol burns cleanly and increases the octane of gasoline, which in turn allows internal combustion engines to operate more efficiently.

Our Pekin Illinois Campus encompasses three mills, a wet mill and two dry mills, plus a specialty yeast production plant. Our Western US Facilities comprises four dry mills and distilleries in California, Oregon and Idaho. All of our facilities have superior logistical attributes allowing for efficient delivery to domestic and international markets.

Corporate Headquarters

Alto Ingredients, Inc.
400 Capitol Mall
Suite 2060
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 403-2123
Fax: (916) 446-3937

Investor Relations

Phone: 415-433-3777
Investor Relations at Alto Ingredients, Inc.
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